Product Introduction
ForceTech OTT TV platform takes the lead in applying cloud computing into streaming media.
It adopts cloud-based streaming media technology with independent intellectual property right, endowing the
product with functions of on-demand transcoding and on-demand distribution from the head-end to terminals.
It is a platform which supports multiple terminals (STB, phone, pad), multiple video formats
and internet protocols, and offers services of live video, VOD and downloading.
It is also designed with functions of billing, content publishing, operation monitoring,
and multidimensional management.
Support PC, STB, phone, Pad
at the same time
Support multiple video formats and IPs
Support concurrent distribution to
large-scale users
On-demand transcoding and distribution
Network deployment with higher efficiency
More unified deployment between videos
and bandwidth
Real-time and comprehensive
operation monitoring
A good user experience of cross-ISP
Stable operation support service
Technical Advantages
Multi-terminal support
Support multiple terminals like traditional PC, STB, phone, IPad at the same time.
A good user experience of cross-ISP
With cross-ISP distributed node structure, there exists no difference in user experience in whichever network (Unicom, Telecom, Railcom,
Radio and Television Network, etc.) you are using.
Support concurrent visits of large-scale users
Being able to support online watching of tens of millions of users at the same time, it has the potential of offering global service at any time.
It also ensures a good user experience with stable and smooth videos, as well as a screen clarity up to 1080p.
One-stop all-round solution
With an one-stop full-service system, it offers products and solutions including streaming media distribution accelerating, streaming media
publishing, capture, encoding, transcoding, media source management, distribution management, video sharing, interactive community,
forum friends-making, log statistics, billing and settlement, etc.
Stable operation support service
With specialized skill and high quality, ForceTech OTT TV platform ensures smooth playing with the top speed regardless of network
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