ForceTech Assists Thai J-IPTV Provider for a Global Network TV of Thai Language
ForceTech assists a Thai J-IPTV provider to build Thai language network TV in the world. The Thai J-IPTV provider operates hundreds of
TV channels in the world. Through ForceTech streaming media operation support system, it helps the Thai people in the world to watch
clear, smooth original TV show from all over the world. Terminal user can use the PC, set-top boxes, mobile phones and other terminals to
watch stable and high-speed television content.
PC User
Clear, smooth playback without buffer.
Set-top box Client
For users who are not accustomed to using computers, they can use TV Set-top box for viewing.
iPhone & Android
For mobile phone access, ForceTech streaming media technology supports all kinds of mobile phones or mobile terminals to watch Thai
TV anywhere.
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